Scale & Bio Removal

Non-Chemical Treatment For Cooling Tower

Benefits :

Save up to 60% on the operational cost
• 100% savings on chemicals
• 20% - 40% decrease in water usage
• 5% - 15% lower energy cost
• 10% - 50% reduction in labor cost

Green Technology - Saves water and electricity
• No chemical feeds or discharge
• Water can be recycled and reused
• Works on double COC as compared to chemical treatment

Scale Biological and Corrosion Control
• All precipitation of salts occurs in the reaction chamber
• No scale in the system heat exchangers
• Control over corrosion potential due to the low aggression of water

Longer system lifespan
• The cooling system works better and longer

Full control and supervision
• Performance is monitored with complete control of all parameters including conductivity and pH levels

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