Automatic Condenser Cleaning System

    Increased Energy Consumption

  • Water-based cooling systems suffer from fouling and scaling. This fouling Another problem caused by fouling is that corrosion develops between the Fouling leads to manual shutdowns and the use of harsh chemicals such as acids to remove the scale which increases downtime and increased maintenance costs.
  • All of above problems can be eliminated by use of ACCS
  • ACCS keeps condenser tubes free of fouling 24x7
  • CET Enviro offers a range of innovative technologies that optimizes and maintains heat transfer performance in large scale cooling systems such as Water-Cooled Chillers, Commercial HVAC, Cooling Tower, Commercial buildings, industrial companies, Power Plants, Oil and Gas Industries.
  • All our products help customers to reduce power bills, water consumption and eliminate the use of harsh chemicals. These technologies are environment friendly and reduce Energy Consumption.CET Enviro has fully-fledged Sales, Marketing and Service teams in India to provide timely and effective services to its customers and has its own manufacturing base.

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