Energy Audit Services

  • The world is moving towards a sustainable energy future with an emphasis on energy efficiency and energy conservation. With this objective in mind, M/s Sansu Aquatek India Pvt. Ltd has started the Energy Audit Cell to carry out Performance Measurement of systems.

  • An Energy Audit Study helps an organization to understand and analyses its energy utilization and identify areas where energy use can be reduced. Our company offers a unique Energy Audit Program which helps customers to save electricity consumption as well as energy consumption that results in to cost optimization.

  • We offer Energy Audit services in following areas :
    • All types of Boilers and its auxiliary systems
    • Different types of chillers and brines
    • Thermal Utilities like heat pumps, compressors, AHU etc.
    • Turbine, condenser and cooling towers
    • Waste water system

  • “Our service is different than others because we also able to do the “Exergy Analysis” by representing Sankey diagram and Grassmann diagram.” Because the limitation of Energy analysis is, it considers a system only. While the Exergy analysis depends on both the system and surrounding condition. In Exergy analysis, the actual losses occur in system due to internal irreversibility and External irreversibility can be identify. The Exergy can be defined as the maximum work output taken from system until it’s under goes to dead state condition.
energy audit
  • Benefits Of Energy Audit :

    • The goal is not to evaluate single measures but to consider a wide range of available alternatives. Also good quality audit will analyses your historical energy use and find potential issues using statistical methods. And to understand where energy is used and which areas are worth focusing on the most.

    • The audit will not only inform you of opportunities but provide you with financial analysis. This will enable prioritization based on financial benefit and return on investment. These indicators would include rate of return, net present value, cash flow analysis and payback.

    • It also Provide you with emissions analysis to help you understand the benefits of your decisions from an environmental standpoint.

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